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successful you!

Caffeine for People with Passion

ABOUT wurk

In short

Community for People with Passion

Wurk team

Each one of our Member, Guest, Client, Volunteer, and Influencer are part of Wurk Team. No Boss. 

Our Services



Connect and Book a consultantion with our experts.

Our experts range from various domains and industries. If you feel you are stuck somewhere and need expert help, feel free to connect with them. 

You can also Book a session with them through us. 


Spread awareness of your services to a large audience.

We are used to promoting our services within our circle which is already saturated. Evolve and spread the word out to a larger audience out there.

Let's talk to take that next step.




Focus on your operations and let us take care of your Social Media Handles. 

Most of our clients are either too busy to handle this or feel we add in the discipline and creativity to promote your services.

Talk to us to see how we can add value to your routine tasks.



We got recognized by WurkTV. One of our first highly recommended talk show on Facebook with 70K+ followers.

A paid High Quality Talk Show that showcases People with Passion. 

Guest includes Eminent Artists, Coaches, Mentors, Film Directors, Artists, Actors, Fitness Gurus, Authors, Teachers, Women Entrepreneurs, Startups, Kids, YouTubers, and many more amazing people.

Talk to us and hear success stories on how the TalkShow made an impact on their lives. 


Wurk Business Network is custom-designed for small and medium businesses infusing the best practices in the industry and removing the cluttered formalities.

Join our Wurk Business Network for networking and proven business referral through the network. 

It's never too late to make it a habit. Ask us for our key features.


“A wonderful platform which i have ever found. This amazing platform helped me to reach many people”

aruna raj varma

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